Summer Break: So Far, So Good


June 22, 2014 by Julia

Fiona’s last day of Kindergarten was on Monday, and while I haven’t had any time to write this week until now (10 pm on Friday night), it’s been a good week.


A lot of us moms were panicking at the thought of endless summer days, I think – or were at least feeling some apprehension. Personally, I kept vacillating between trying to find camps or classes and activities to fill our days, and then wondering if we should just let it be a break, you know? I think in the end, we decided on a happy medium for our six-year-old and almost-three-year-old: a swim class for each, a gymnastics class for each, and then lots of outings and playdates and down time in between. I realize that full-day camps are the answer for many kids, but not necessarily for Fiona. And I didn’t want our summer to feel like more school.

I’m liking the easy mornings. I don’t have to pack her lunches and get us out to the bus stop. There is a deeper relaxation coming over our entire family right now, despite how overly busy we happened to be this past week.

Also, there has been screaming, fighting, frustration…but none of it seems like a big deal once the moment passes two seconds later. Is this what it means to be family? We apologize and make up. We are goofy and crazy. Jack literally kicks the contact out of my left eye while I’m trying to put his shoes back on in the car, and I have to go to the doctor and grocery store half blind with both kids; Fiona cries that she wants to be a baby again; I introduce them to the joy of cutting dolls’ hair as an alternative to Jack cutting his own hair, and then have to clear our dining table of wispy tufts of blue, black and blonde hair so we can eat spaghetti. We play “Hit the Road, Jack,” on repeat because it is a great song (really, the catchiest!) and we like the literal interpretation of Jack smacking the road with his hand, which he will enact for us in the kitchen. I have been lying around on the couch with them more this week – trying to eat Jack alive, basically, while he is still young and soft and wants to snuggle in between bouts of wrestling, and more quietly bonding with my girl.


I decided to show her my beloved PBS miniseries, Anne of Green Gables, during Jack’s naps the past few afternoons, with full knowledge that it might bore her to tears – but it didn’t, it didn’t! I have such vivid memories of when it first aired, and I was about eight years old, waiting each week for the next installment. Oh, Anne with an “e.” So many wonderful scrapes and beautiful, heart-aching moments she gets herself into.






And that scene where Gilbert must save her in the lake when her rowboat sinks!


I told Fiona that it was my favorite part as a girl, and she said it was hers, too. We haven’t gotten to the part at the end where Gilbert brushes back Anne’s hair in the field and affectionately calls her “Carrots…” which is the teasing term he first uses in grade school to get her attention, prompting years of hostility from Anne. Swoon. The light on Prince Edward’s Island, and that gorgeous, nostalgic music, and the brilliant characters of Marilla and Matthew and Anne (not to mention the actors who portray them in such a timeless manner)…it just slays me.






And to share it with my daughter, all snuggled together on the couch! It’s awesome.

(I apologize for getting a bit carried away with the images there.)


I tend to get frantic about spending my time wisely, and will even plan out my down time so that it is perfectly executed for maximum fulfillment and relaxation. There is so much I want to do, and I prefer that my home environment be somewhat clean-ish while I’m at it, and oh yeah, I need friends! I have to email or call or text back the beloved person I’ve accidentally ignored for two days. Ahh!


But maybe summer is slowing me down. Maybe not every moment has to be mapped out. I can leave that stuff in order to stop and enjoy the company of my children. My to-do list will be waiting for me, and the world won’t have exploded. And I am happier for the time I’ve spent doing nothing but being with them. What better time of year to do that than in the first free days of summer?


They are gorgeous and sweet and ferocious and raw, these little cubs, and they are what Dennis and I dreamed of. So I will slow down, let the heat make me lazy, and forget the dishes in the sink, in favor of my son’s dishwater blonde hair and my daughter’s knobby limbs folded into my arms, so sweet.

By the fan, with popsicles

By the fan, with popsicles


Warming up after getting thunder-stormed on at the bus stop


At Fiona’s Kindergarten graduation




The new favorite pose for pictures


S’mores at Grandma’s house

IMG_9470 14233557607_ba78f898aa_o IMG_9728 14233448708_f8bde28d70_o 14233362309_0a20ca6300_o 14233460488_9eddccb59a_o 14233464588_23865f33bd_o 14418743062_edc6240c9b_o 14420023535_0302d679c1_o IMG_9739 IMG_9465 IMG_9466 IMG_9474 14396911126_3bef5c83dc_o 14233465398_a7a628a98a_o IMG_9674 14233449428_b4657f14b5_o IMG_9651 IMG_9690


9 thoughts on “Summer Break: So Far, So Good

  1. So sweet! I love that you’re sharing something special with Fiona – she’ll cherish this show because you introduced it to her and you loved it!

    • Julia says:

      It’s one of the best things about parenthood, really – sharing the stuff that you loved as a kid with your own kid, even if there’s no guarantee they’ll like it, too. 🙂 And I’m flattered that you’re still reading even as your wedding date draws ever closer!! Squeee! Can’t wait to read about it – I assume three months after the fact, once you’ve recovered!

  2. Oh my goodness. You just made me so excited to introduce Charlotte to Anne with an e (plus Charlotte’s middle name is Anne with an “e”). Now that I think back on the story, I think Charlotte will find a lot in common with Anne. Enjoy the summer!

    • Julia says:

      It totally holds up! And six 1/2 years old is a pretty good age for a kid…already I can tell this summer is going to be easier and less “dramatic” than last summer. 🙂 Good to hear from you, Hannah!

  3. vjthurston says:

    We need to have an Anne of Green Gables Festival! I miss Anne…

  4. You’ve made me want to discover Anne of Green Gables! I’ve started introducing my three year old to some of my childhood faves though and she usually loves them. I won’t mention what they are because you may well cringe (Little Women, anyone?)

    • Julia says:

      Little Women is good! I tried Little House on the Prairie last year, but it might have been too early. I keep wondering if the kids would enjoy Mary Poppins (the movie) as much I do, too, or of it’s too dated for them. I like to think it has a timeless charm, though!

      • I haven’t seen Little House on the Prairie but I read the books. My eldest daughter loves Mary Poppins but only some parts of it. Actually, she doesn’t like the whole of Little Women either, just the first half when Amy is still a young girl.

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