Sister’s In Love Down Under


April 9, 2013 by Julia

No one suspected that my younger sister Lisa would be the one to move away from home. And not just out of state – out of the UNITED STATES. And not just out of the country, but OUT OF OUR HEMISPHERE. And not just out of our hemisphere, but OUT OF OUR GALAXY. Just kidding. She moved to Australia. (And not just Australia! But the boondocks of Australia, a three-hour flight from Sydney!)

The four of us kids have never even moved out of our parents’ state, so this is huge. My siblings and I attended college fairly close to home, and all of our places of residence have been within forty-five minutes of our parents’ house. But Lisa has been the homebody-est of us all. She is the enforcer of our holiday traditions (do not dare to cross her), she is the determiner of what is “best ever” or “worst ever,” she keeps her old falling-apart dollhouse in my parents’ basement and forbids them to ever get rid of it. And I think she has actually said that she could never move far away from our family.

So what has prompted her to make such a drastic move? True love.

True love has sent Lisa across the world! The guy’s name is Thomas. He used to live here before transferring to Australia last year. He and Lisa dated for almost a year before he left. There were several signs along the way that he might be THE ONE:

Sign No. 1: He wants to go to the same kinds of events and places that Lisa does – namely, art galleries, museums, concerts, parks, etc. Culture, people! You gotta have it. This has always given him a “Best Ever” stamp in Lisa’s book.


Sign No. 2: He surprises Lisa with thoughtful gifts that show how well he knows her; he pays attention and understands that certain details matter a lot to her. Perfect example: a silver envelope necklace that opens to reveal a removable silver letter scripted with the words “I love you.” Lisa loves tiny things. She also loves things that open up, secret messages, and unique silver jewelry. I think he gets her. That means a lot coming from me, her big sister.


Sign No. 3: Lisa brought Thomas home for Christmas Eve. It was the biggest sign of all, considering that she was breaking one of her own cardinal rules by bringing a non-family member to CHRISTMAS at Mom and Dad’s. The whole family was reeling! We were like, whoa. This must be love.

6586450585_16356c17f5_o 6586449861_138e298778_o

Sign No. 4: When she went to visit him for a month in Australia (again, out in the boondocks), they could have potentially driven each other crazy. It just sounds so intense to me…a LOT of one-on-one time, especially when they haven’t seen each other for many months beforehand. But instead of coming back home in March with her bubble broken, she announced that she was going to go back and marry him. She seemed simultaneously excited and at peace.

526757_10151506752231480_2128333753_n 602215_10151506753436480_1661932596_n 72630_10151437001236480_523681711_n 69533_10102960967619034_2011187587_n

Sign No. 5: When I was visiting with the kids this past Friday at our parents’ house, Lisa went to Skype with Thomas, and mom said it was the third time they’d talked that day. Ahem lovebirds ahem.

6586450231_62892987a8_o 6586450585_16356c17f5_o

Also, and this is not really a sign per se, but I get a good vibe about Thomas. I wish I’d been able to hang out with him more before he moved away, but what I have seen and heard from Lisa tells me that he is a person who meets her high standards and challenges her, a guy who can be trusted with her heart, a person who loves her deeply. And she is all those things for him, too.

They are going to get married a month after her arrival. Just a civil ceremony in Sydney, and then when they move back to the states after a few years, they will have a larger ceremony here with family and friends.

I asked my parents what it will feel like to have all of their children married off. I can’t remember their exact words, but it was something along the lines of happiness, and strangeness at the passage of time, and relief, although my mom has been freaking out about the long distance thing. Did we cry during our long weekend of goodbyes? Heck yes, we did. We’re a bunch of softies. My brothers are usually the first to start. I love to call out “Ben’s crying!” the second I see his eyes get red.

Don't be fooled by our tough exteriors

Don’t be fooled by our tough exteriors

The worst part for me was when Lisa had to say goodbye to Jack and Fiona. Kids make goodbyes much harder…maybe because they are going to change so much in a short time, and you don’t want to miss anything. Yeah, I was a blubbering idiot. You’d think I was the one saying goodbye to them.

Saying goodbye to her favorite brother-in-law and favorite niece and nephew

Saying goodbye to her favorite brother-in-law and favorite niece and nephew


At her going-away party with our dear cousin Amanda

602130_10151394969743499_1663180418_n 524580_10151394969628499_908836368_n

We don’t really know what it’s going to be like. Lisa only left yesterday, so it’s hard to tell so far. We kept waiting for her to freak out herself before getting on the plane, but she never really did. I think it’s because she has so much to look forward to – and it’s easier to leave (especially for a new phase of life) than it is to be left behind.

379752_10151359748675782_1837783406_n 2135_65394021479_2206_n 2666_74722536479_7517182_n 2979638357_c6950ccafc_o 63257_10150106128471480_2396316_n

396289_10150670236751480_1577539442_n 406996_10150588002881480_799061239_n

At least she’ll be coming home for Christmases. And it’s a good thing, because who else would keep us in line during the biggest holiday season of the year?

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22 thoughts on “Sister’s In Love Down Under

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh man… definitely teared up reading this/looking through the photos! I think you captured everything with this. I forwarded it to Thomas. 🙂

  2. As someone who too followed true love to the underneath of the world, I can see now, how hard it is , to be the ones left behind. I was sooooooo caught up in where I was going ( and more to the point – with whom ) I did not give my family a second thought – Until I gave birth to my daughter………..Its a life changer, but Australia is a wonderful country , with fantastic opportunities and I would not live anywhere else in the world !

    • Julia says:

      Thanks for sharing – that’s really good to know! And I remember feeling the same way when I moved out to go to college…having kids really puts a whole new perspective on it now, though, doesn’t it?

  3. Lisa says:

    Awwww!!! But seriously she moved to Oz! and its a most amazong place. Come visit!

  4. Uncle Kevin says:

    I can’t believe you actually wrote “per say”. It’s “per se”:

    You can tell from the pictures and the facebook stuff that he’s really into her. Meanwhile I have to deal with one getting married in Peru.

    • Julia says:

      Ha. Of course. I knew that, but was writing pretty late last night and didn’t think about it. How humiliating! I must edit it.
      What’s with these girls going off to exotic locales to get hitched?

  5. Yeah, I’m the mom, and the only thing keeping me from REALLY crying my eyes out is being at work! They don’t want to deal with a blubbering crazy mom!

  6. My wife left France to be with me in the UK (although we did marry in France). This is a MUCH SMALLER distance but I can certainly empathise with your story. But hey, love is love. And you’d travel to the moon if you had to!

  7. Jeff says:

    This was very touching. I felt very moved by this. Did they date long distance for a little while when Thomas moved to Australia but your sister was still in the states?

    • Julia says:

      Yes – they dated long distance for around 7 months, I think. Thank you for your comment. Sometimes my sister and I are so sarcastic or dry that I’m not sure the feeling comes through to people who don’t know us!

  8. Alexandra Thurston says:

    AAAAHHH your blog ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS makes me cry. I am so happy for Lisa, life is so wonderful.

  9. Ness says:

    This is so lovely! It sounds like you have a wonderful, loving family who are close and connected. I’m sure maintaining (and growing) that bond while you’re apart (as a previous long distance relationship-er, thank goodness for Skype!) will go well. And you always have a great excuse to go to Aus!

    • Julia says:

      Thank you! I’m going to have to bite the bullet and become a Skype-r, it’s true.

      • Ness says:

        I’m sure your sister would appreciate that, my family and I haven’t been close like yours, now that I’m in a different country with my guy they really struggle to keep up with Skype and it sucks cause I miss them! It’s so easy to lose touch.

  10. […] sister’s upcoming wedding makes me grateful that we have genuine love in our family, and that she found a good man. Relief that I’d left the house without forgetting a thing meant that I’d worked hard, and that […]

  11. […] is convoluted and spans separate hemispheres and career paths and inconvenient time differences. When I last wrote about Lisa and Thomas in April 2013, she had just left for Australia with plans to marry Thomas in a civil ceremony […]

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